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Hi, my name is Alice Pettey and I’m a certified Brand Strategist, Buyers Persona expert, and graphic designer.

Thank you for your interest and me & Neurotic Dog Studios. I am looking forward to getting together to discuss our mutual interests. If you have a question, please go ahead and ask it, in the form to the right & I’ll get back to you at my earliest convenience.

My team and I develope effective branding strategies and procedures to help you manage your on and off-line visual assets and reputation.

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About Alice

Alice Pettey is the president and founder of Neurotic Dog Studios, a graphic design company specializing in working with human-focused businesses. She has over 20 years of experience in providing design and branding services. She started her foray into graphic design in 1999 upon enrolling in a graphic design certificate program through Session School for Professional Design.

From there, Ms. Pettey completed a multi-media certificate and moved into working as an in-house graphic designer. After working at an interior design firm, mortgage brokerage, and as a freelance designer. Ms. Pettey eventually became the designated point-of-contact for design services in the company’s America’s service areas of an international infrastructure firm. During this time, Ms. Pettey became enlightened to design as a strategic component and the strategic development and maintenance of brands.

In 2012, after corporate outsourcing of design functions, Ms. Pettey transitioned to independently providing graphic and branding services. Upon completing a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Media Design, Ms. Pettey incorporated into an LLC (Alice Pettey Branding & Strategic Design) at the end of 2014. In 2019, Alice Pettey Branding & Strategic Design, LLC took on the trade name of Neurotic Dog Studios. In 2023, Alice Pettey Branding & Strategic Designs, LLC officially changed its name to NDS Enterprises LLC and continues doing business under the trade names Neurotic Dog Studios, NDS Fonts, and

With training & certifications programs shifting to online venues during the 2020-2021 pandemic, Ms. Pettey was able to pursue a long-desired certification in branding. In 2020 she received a designation as a Certified Brand Specialist through Level C. In early 2021 Ms. Pettey completed the Level C certification process for a Brand Strategist designation.

Ms. Pettey is the mother of three adult children. The youngest of which passed away in 2021. Ms. Pettey enjoys reading, watching B movies, and listening to music in her free time. She loves animals and is “mom” to two golden retrievers, Lily and CJ—the neurotic dogs of Neurotic Dog— Nate, her sometimes cat (he’s a roamer) and mascot of the company, and now 4 chickens – Henny Penny, Pecky Sue, Marigold & Sunflower.


Alice has advanced skills and abilities in Graphic Design, using state of the art software and programs to produce high-quality detail specific work. She is extremely detail-oriented and intuitive and can run a project with minimal supervision. She will confirm at critical decision points along the way to keep the project orientation correctly balanced. I have not yet found anyone who can replace the work she did for us. A very fast study, familiar with a wide assortment of technical and business presentation techniques, she is creative, resourceful, economy-minded, highly productive, and results & achievement-oriented. I have never gone to her with a project and not had her deliver a first-class solution & outcome. I can recommend her without reservation.

John Meola

Safety Manager, VMS, Inc/Transfield Services, Transportation Infrastructure

It is without reservation that I can highly recommend Alice Pettey [Neurotic Dog Studios] for anyone looking for an amazing graphic design, branding, and logo creation professional. I have had the good fortune of working with Alice and she has ALWAYS created beautiful work, in an extremely efficient manner and responded to every request even when we were under a severe time crunch. She is truly an incredibly talented creative who helps turn my vision into reality.

Todd Villarrubia

Founder, Fountainhead Global & AquaMed