The "What Problem Do You Solve?" Program

Brand Strategy | Identity System

Do you want your ideal client to seek you out?

Do you want clarity in the direction you want your practice to go?

Do you want your practice to stand out from the other practitioner in your area?

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Are you frustrated by the constant struggle to connect with the RIGHT clients?

Are you looking for some clarity to understand who you are actually trying to reach with your marketing?

I’m not here to help you make pretty pictures – you can do that easily enough on your own. That’s what Canva and a stock image site subscription are for.

  • I’m here to give you the concepts, the strategy – the proverbial secret sauce – behind who you are, and why you do what you do.
  • It’s about reaching the right people.
  • It’s about understanding why you get up in the morning and go to your office.
  • It’s about remembering why you chose to become a professional, to begin with.
  • It’s about understanding who you’re trying to help and why you’re trying to help them.
  • It’s about communicating that message to them on a daily basis.
  • It’s solving their problems and letting them know what those problems are. (Surprise – sometimes they honestly don’t know until you tell them.) 
  • It’s having clients who are thrilled to share your name with their friends because you are AMAZING at what you do & they want everyone to experience it.

That’s what I do for you. Yes, in the end, you’ll end up with some pretty snazzy graphics to help you along the way – but that’s just what happens to get you where you need to go, not the end goal.

What I’m offering is the solution to your problem…

I’m offering the solution to how to get more people in your door
but not in a way that’s pushy or “marketing-y.” 

I’m a brand strategist we look at the world a little bit differently…Well, let me stop for a moment and explain.

Think about your best friend, your spouse, or your significant other. Think about them and what makes them – them. What they wear. What they listen to. What they sound like. What they smell like. What makes them laugh or cry? What is it when you walk through a store that makes you instantly think of them? What are the little things that just make you happy to be with them? The moment you have that recognition – that’s branding. It is innate for every person on an unconscious and visceral level to understand and connect with another person. But what we can easily do with our friends and loved ones when it comes to our businesses, it’s like dealing with an alien concept.

This is where a brand strategist helps translate
that from an individual to your company.

We want to help you develop a visceral experience for the right people. Just like you are not the right friend or the right significant other for everyone, you’re not going to be the chiropractor for everyone. You’re not even going to be the right chiropractor for most. But, for those right people, there will never be another chiropractor who could replace you. That is why we need to make those connections. Yeah, sometimes it is down and dirty and a bit, you know, marketing-y. Hey – we could even call dating!  But isn’t it worth it? When you find the right match – it’s magic.

I see your passion and desire to do good and help your community. I see your frustration, and I’ve felt the same frustration myself. Because of that, I know that we can connect you with people who will not only benefit from the services that you bring to them but will appreciate what you can do. That’s my purpose: to connect you with the right people, and the right clients, so that you’re frustration levels decline, your practices succeed, become more profitable and fulfilling, and you serve the people that you are meant to serve.


We’re graphic designers, brand strategists, coaches, public relation specialist, and marketers — well, to the extent where marketing and branding intersect.

We want to emphasize that we are NOT a marketing agency. We are not going to run a campaign for you or set up landing pages and funnel systems – we have people we can refer you to who are excellent at this – but unless you have a great strategy in place and an understanding of exactly who you are trying to reach, where they are, and what you want to do once you reach them, there’s no point.

We help you develop a plan and have a clear vision of who you are, what you want to do, and the experience you want to develop for your patients.

Once a clear vision of your purpose has been developed, then we will work through establishing your mission, your internal efforts and culture, the visual expression, tone of voice and personality. These pieces will create the foundation for your internal brand strategy.

brand my practice

During our Brand My Practice program, we guide you in uncovering your purpose, and how it connects with your ideal customers’ core motivators. We’ll help you understand yourself, your practice, and your ideal patient. Once you know where you want your practice to be in five, ten, or twenty years, we’ll work with you to develop your vision and mission into a strategy that will put you on the path to achieving it.

In addition to helping you with your strategy, we’ll take you through the identity development process to provide you with a distinct visual and brand expression. This will give you the guidelines you need to maintain consistency in your marketing across social media, print, digital, and any other platform.


During our first call, we will start the process by going through your intake questionnaire. This provides us with foundational information we need to determine the current position of your practice. We will discuss your desires for your practice and your life outside it. We recognize that your practice is only one part of your life, and we want to help you make your entire life better through clarity, focus, strategy, and its implementation through your branding and identity systems.

coaching and strategy calls

Weekly Calls

Throughout the Brand My Practice program, we cover the following topics to ensure your practice has addressed all the relevant issues and that your branding and brand management team(s) understands the strategy and implementation that will be used moving forward.

  • Current marketing position
  • Practice strengths & weaknesses
  • Ideal audience/patient makeup
  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • 5, 10, & 20 year mission
  • ZAG positioning
  • Purpose of practice
  • Individual Purpose
  • Differentiation/onlyness
  • Engaging & interactive branding
  • Human branding
  • Asset structure and visual expression
  • Living brand
  • Internal culture
  • Naming (practice/products/services)
  • Marketing direction for future action
  • Patients and receptiveness of product/service structure

Worried about the time commitment? We understand that is why we offer select evening and weekend time slots for busy practitioners like yourself. We also limit our Brand My Practice program enrollment. Although we are only asking moderate time commitment on your end. We will be spending a great deal more on research, document compilation, asset development, and implementation strategy guidelines. In order to ensure we are providing each client with the attention and care they deserve we must limit enrollment.

Strategy Documents

Compiled from our team’s research, your weekly calls, and our understanding and studies into psychology, communication, public relations, marketing, implementation processes, and technology.

Within these pages you’ll find:

  • Clarity on your practice’s positioning, purpose & differentiator
  • Establishing foundations of your internal brand systems
  • Focus on who your ideal patient is and where to reach them.
  • Customer journey
  • Ascension ladder
  • Craft your patient experience
  • Understand why you should be niching down and into what niches
  • How differentiation will help grow your practice, and how to differentiate
  • How internal culture it affects your practice, and how to make it intentional

taylor strategy document

identity standards website

Identity & Standards Guidelines

You know where you want to go. You have a strategy to get there. But you need to make sure that when you are creating assets along the way you want to adhere to the visual standards that you’ve taken the time, energy and money to establish. To that end, we’ll provide you with both a print standards document that you will have on hand to utilize with your staff, designers, and any other vendor you may need it with, as well as a web page that will house all of your standards, a digital version of your guide, and the downloadable assets available whenever you, or your staff or vendors need them.

During the identity/visual branding process we will cover:

  • Logo design/refresh
  • Color palette, textures, patterns, iconography
  • Typography specifications & usage standards
  • Standardized tone of voice for all branded communications
  • Curated image collection and style guidelines
  • Print-ready assets such as business cards, appointment cards, postcards, invitations, envelopes, stationery
  • Standardized digital templates for email signatures, and social media headers
  • PowerPoint presentation template & training

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