At Long Last... Planner Stickers for the Businesss Owner

If you’re like me, you find making your planner “fun” makes the process of planning a little less of a chore.

But, as a business owner, I’ve never been able to find the stickers that went with “job”. I could find all kinds of payday, vacation, and holiday stickers, but I needed the Payroll, Taxes, Employee Review, Staff Meeting ones, and they just didn’t exist.

They do now!

Introducing BOPS – Business Operations Planning Stickers

A collection of planner stickers designed with the business owner in mind.

sample planner page

30 Sheets (2 of each page)  – 1220 stickers covering operational activities, including those in Marketing, Finance, and Planning.

15 sheets included in the bops collection

Taxes & Employees

- Run Invoices
- Payroll
- Payroll Taxes
- Enter Time Sheet
- Time Sheet Due
- Process Time Sheets
- Quarterly Taxes
- Submit 1099/W-2
- Prepare 1099's
- Prepare W-2's
- Tax Prep
- Employee Review
- Staff Meeting


- Annual Bills
- Monthly Finance
- Run Invoices
- Paid
- Invoice
- Due


- Project
- Goal Setting
- Market Planning
- Monthly Planning
- Quarterly Planning
- Year End Review
- Content Management Planning
- Funnel Planning


- Writing
- Content Outline
- Content Management Planning
- Develop Lead Magnet
- Keyword Research
- Content Research
- Content Repurposing
- Webinar Development
- Webinar
- Podcast Scripting
- Podcast Recording
- Social Media Post


- Travel
- Notes
- Coffee Break
- Order Shipped
- Order Processed
- Client Meeting
- Phone Call
- Video Call
- Product Launch
- Goal Achieved
- Appointment
- Write Proposal
- Pre-launch Campaign
- Goal Achieved
- Important
- Priority

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