PRISMS (Parents & Researchers Interested in Smith Magenis Syndrome)

Neurotic Dog Studios supports PRISMS. For nearly 19 years the founder of Neurotic Dog Studios has had the privilege of experiencing life with a child with SMS (Smith-Meginis Syndrome). With the passing of her child on April 7, 2021, Ms. Pettey has dedicated herself and her company to support the organization that supports so many families with SMSers and the doctors and researchers who undertaking the task of understanding and helping these families.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Neurotic Dog Studios supports NAMI. We recognized the mental health crisis that is pervasive in America today and believe mental health treatment should be available to everyone and that the stigmatization of individuals with mental health conditions is wrong and only serves to worsen the condition of those suffering through isolation. Having friends, family and colleagues who live with mental illness, some of which were afraid to seek care do to the stigma and employment repercussions, Neurotic Dog Studios pledges to support NAMI and the end to mental illness stigmatization.

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