Certified Strategist

Brand Development and Strategy

Branding encompasses all of the experience a person has with a company, person, product, or service. It’s not what you, the business, want it to be, but what they—the general public—feel, think, or emote upon seeing the logo, hearing the name, or interacting with a product.  It is the personality of the company.

Logo Design and Identity System

An Identity System provides direction and rules for the visual aspects of a company. Elements* that make up an identity system include logo design; stationery; colors; taglines; naming; marketing collateral: brochures, direct mail, website design, email, social media, online, radio, magazine, billboard, and display advertising; product design and packaging; uniforms; signage; and vehicle graphics. A corporate identity program needs to address all the company’s potential impressions and minimize the inconsistent or nonexistent application of the identity that results in non-optimal brand perception. 

Book, e-Book Layout, and Cover Design

Show your expertise with the publication of your own book. We can help take your manuscript to print or e-book across a variety of options from simple pdf, to kindle books, kindle print, lulu direct & global publishing, flipbooks, e-pubs.

Brochures, Reports, Magazines

The traditional business brochure or report is still a staple in your marketing arsenal. From the deceptively simple tri-fold to a multi-page course/service catalog, brochures are marketing assets that can provide anything from the first exposure to reinforcing your offerings and brand. Easily read content, and engaging images can help build connections and community around your brand.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics have stepped into the mainstream for business marketing. With most users engaging with your brand at some point with a mobile device, you need to keep your brand identity compelling by using on-brand and on-target graphics. Many companies have stepped into the video landscape through YouTube and found the need for motion graphics. Let us help solve your motion graphic needs from bugs (the mark in your video’s bottom corner), to lower-thirds, and animated logos.

Certified Strategist

Brand/Rebrand Rollout & Launch Coordination

Now that you have your brand (or new brand) you want to share it with the world. But just how do you do that? Explore whether a drop date or rolling launch would be better for your organization. Go through a comprehensive checklist to make sure that you’ve transitioned all of your assets and touched base with legal to make sure your in compliance.  We’ll keep you on task and on schedule, so when the big day arrives you can be assured your brand will launch without a hitch.

Pocket Folders

Provide your customers and prospects with a branded interaction from start to finish by using customized pocket folders for your corporate brochure, proposals, or marketing materials. Choose between a one or two-pocket folder complete with CD or business card slots.

Postcards and Direct Mail

Postcards and direct mail are a time-honored and proven form of advertisement, allowing you to reach a large audience for a reasonable investment. With a well-crafted and compelling message, you can anticipate a positive ROI.

Presentation and Event Design

Whether you are looking for a professionally compiled PowerPoint presentation or are giving a seminar where you need a PowerPoint, workbook, event logo, event style guide, we have the experience and expertise to walk with you through the process to keep you on brand and schedule.

Social Media Graphics

Provide your customers and prospects with a branded interaction from start to finish by using customized pocket folders for your corporate brochure, proposals, or marketing materials. Choose between a one or two pocket folder complete with cd or business card slots.

Wordpress Websites

WordPress is an excellent platform for building websites that are both functional and beautiful. It’s easy to use, and its flexibility allows for the creation of websites that meet the client and end users unique needs. One of the key benefits of WordPress is its flexibility in creating customized themes that supports the creation of a website that looks great and fits your brand. Here at Neurotic Dog Studios we start with a base DIVI framework and customize your theme to your specifications.

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