About Neurotic Dog Studios

At Neurotic Dog Studios, people are the essential ingredient in business and life. Whether you’re a client or employee, you are at the heart of what we do. We help people connect with other people, from us to you or you to your customers. These connections come together to create a growing family. Each of us brings a unique perspective and experience, helping each other grow and prosper together.

Continuing Education

Lifetime learning is a priority at Neurotic Dog Studios. We encourage the pursuit of knowledge and mastery. You can be assured that anyone you work with at Neurotic Dog Studios is in pursuit of excellence.

How our pursuit of knowledge benefits you.

Certified Brand Specialist

Individuals who have received a Brand Specialist certification from Level C understand how to make your brand matter, not just engage in marketing, and will help you navigate the shift. They can help you know the true definition of branding, cutting through the confusing terminology to make it is easier to grasp.

Are you selling B2B, or B2C? These employ different techniques and strategies. Our Brand Specialist will show you how to best brand your products or services. How to ensure they reach the right audience and improve your bottom line. Together you will identify the matrices needed to measure your brand’s value. This way, you can show what and how branding creates a return on your investment.

Through intensive brainstorming and strategy sessions, you will discover powerful ways to differentiate your brand. And how utilizing a disruptive business model may be the best way to position your brand to capture increased market shares. And how the Brand Commitment Scale can measure your progress.

You will learn the difference between a purpose, mission, vision, and goals and why your business needs them all. Learn the differences between icons and avatars, and trueline and taglines. We will walk you through the right way to choose and manage your company values.

Certified Brand Strategist

Certified Brand Strategist builds on the foundations developed by Brand Specialist. They will help you define a clear and compelling difference between your brand and the competition. This differentiator will ensure that your company and your customers clearly understand your brand’s advantage.

Brand Strategist will help you understand what brand strategy is and how it drives differentiation. Utilizing the structures of strategy and storytelling, you will discover how they guide tactics and implementation. This knowledge allows you to make the right decisions to navigate your industry’s hazards safely.

You will discover how an onlyness statement creates a testable value proposition. How using the power of tribal loyalty can strengthen your brand. And the dangers that can turn your loyalty program into a disloyalty program.

Buyer Persona Expert

A Buyer Persona Expert does a deep dive into your buyer’s journey. Through personal interviews with existing, previous & competitor clients, a Buyer Persona Expert discovers the in’s and out’s of each stage in the decision process. What has drawn people into seeking a solution that you offer? What stumbling blocks did they come across during the process? Why did they choose your solution or a competitor?

A Buyer Persona Expert can develop a picture of who YOU are to your clients and those looking for your services through these and many more questions. What we often find is that the two are different. Your clients know you as one thing, but prospects may be missing an essential part of the picture. This disconnect may mean that you need to refocus your marketing strategies. You may not be clear in your offerings, or maybe you are misdirecting your message.

A Buyer Persona Expert will help you discover who your target audience is through the words of that audience. You will find out what is important to them. You will go far beyond demographics and assumed character outlines to personas based on actual people. True, the persona is an amalgamate – as confidentiality is critical to receiving open and honest feedback. But you will hear their exact words back to you.

Comments are aggregated based on their message, so you will see the supporting statements and understand what buyers find important. This will help you better focus your marketing message and timing to match the buyer’s progression. When you meet them at their need, you convert more prospects into customers.

Our Payment Policy

Neurotic Dog Studios requires a 50% deposit before commencing work; receipt of the deposit must be before or at the initial client meeting. Depending on the project scope, 25% is due at the midpoint, and the project balance is due before the delivery of assets. Small or quick-turn projects may eliminate the midpoint payment and function on a 50/50 split.

Neurotic Dog Studios accepts payment by check or credit via our online service provider.

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