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At Neurotic Dog Studios, we specialize in crafting distinctive branding solutions for health and wellness practitioners. We understand your unique challenges and offer bespoke strategies to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking to refresh your branding, create a logo, develop a custom asset, or take control of your branding…

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Bringing Value To Our Clients
Every Step Of The Way.


•  In-depth diagnostics
•  Patient profiling
•  Goal setting, and
•  Success roadmaps.

Action Plan

•  Clear milestones
•  Actionable steps, and
•  Flexible implementation strategies



•  Creation of cohesive brand elements
•  Digital and print assets, and
•  Comprehensive guidelines.

Generating New Ideas.
Solving Big Problems


“Alice is a superb designer. If you are considering branding or rebranding Alice is the “go-to” person. Her skills are phenomenal whether you are looking for print, web or video work. I would highly recommend her for any of your design work.”

Kathy Doyle

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Why Choose Neurotic Dog Studios: Your Partner in Branding Excellence

We want YOU to succeed.

At Neurotic Dog Studios, we understand the complexity you face in practice and life. Hey, we’re right there with you. And that is the point – we ARE right there with you. That’s how we run our business, together with our clients.

Specializing in Branding Solutions for Practitioners

We have narrowed our focus to medical providers, dentists, chiropractors and others who identify as being “in practice”. Although, not exclusive we feel that by focusing on a select group we can help them stand out, break through misconceptions surrounding the field, and connect them with their ideal patients.

Your Partner Providing an Outside View Into Your Practice

We understand that the only way we succeed is if you do. This means that we not only want but NEED your involvement at every stage of the process. You know your practice best, and we recognize that.

We’re here to shine a light on issues that you may be too close to see. We provide an outside view, directing you to resources that you may not have known about – or just forgotten. Whether it’s planning and implementing your first or fifteenth branding; or just providing the sounding board before you sink your whole marketing budget into the next big thing.

Providing a Guiding Hand through the Branding/Rebranding Implementation Process (regardless of who who develops your brand)

We’ve discovered that there is a missing step in most branding/rebranding processes. You hire a designer/agency to do a create a wonderful brand for you, but then you are left without the guidance you need to take it to the next step…implementation. Neurotic Dog Studios is here for you.  Whether we’ve help you create you brand, or are coming in just for the implementation, we can assist you through the process so you will know what to do and when to do it so that you will have a successful launch.


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“… at a Mastermind meeting, … I presented [my] business card to a women at lunch, she commented, ‘This is the most beautiful/impressive business card I have ever seen.’ Thank you.”

Stephen E. Roulac

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