I just finished reading Scramble by Marty Neumeier. He’s crafted an excellent novel that explains the process of Agile Strategy clearly and enjoyably. The story takes you through the process of 5 Processes of Design Thinking and the 5 Questions of Strategy and how to apply them in a real-world situation.

The 5 Processes of Design Thinking

  • Problemizing – the process of framing your problem
  • Pinballing – the process of connecting unrelated concepts in new ways and challenging assumptions
  • Probing – the process of utilizing parallel thinking
  • Prototyping – the process of iterational learning and development
  • Proofing – the process of grounding beliefs in reality and producing richer discussions

The 5 Questions of Strategy

  1.  What is our purpose? – The reason you are in business BEYOND making money. The purpose never changes.
  2.  Whom do we serve? – Development of idealized customer and shareholder/customer infinity loop. 
  3.  Where shall we compete? – Identification of category, skill assessment, synergy, competition, financial capabilities, and success visual.
  4.  How will we win? – Development of Only-ness Statement.
  5.  How will we grow? – Internal brand elevation and development of innovation flywheel.

To find out how you can incorporate design Thinking and Strategy into your business through the use of the Agile Strategy model, read Scramble or schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll walk you through how these processes and questions can be implements and benefit your business.

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