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Please complete the following questions to the best that you are able. The more comprehensive your answers the clearer design we can create.
A USP is defined as a “factor or consideration presented as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.” In simple terms, it’s a factor that sets you apart from your competitors.
We provide very basic SEO services. For comprehensive website optimization, we recommend seeking out a specialist in the field.
We utilize the WordPress framework for our websites. Is this acceptible to you?
Are you Interested in Content Marketing Services
Would you like us to provide ongoing support and maintenance?
Do you have the content ready for your site?
Do you have any existing Style Guides and Guidelines?
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Basic site pages include: Home, About Us, Contact Us & Terms & Conditions Specialized pages (depending on industry) may include: Product pages, Shipping pages, Pricing pages, Product Demo, Booking/Scheduling, Login for Membership sites
Some features that you may want on your site include: Search, Forms, Maps, Portfolio/Gallery, Social Media Buttons, Click-to-call buttons, Online ordering, Pricing tables, Live Chat, Chatbots
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