Allow me to introduce Alice Pettey, a highly accomplished professional in branding and graphic design. With a Master of Fine Arts and a Certification as a Brand Strategist, Alice brings a unique and creative perspective to her work. As the owner of Neurotic Dog Studios, a renowned Branding & Graphic Design Agency established in 2014, Alice has been instrumental in helping numerous clients in the healthcare industry build solid and impactful brands.

Alice’s expertise extends beyond her agency, as she is also a published author of the upcoming book, ‘Branding Your Practice: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Strong Brand in Health Care.’ Drawing on her extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry, Alice provides invaluable insights and practical strategies for healthcare practitioners to elevate their brands and connect with their target audience.

With Alice’s unwavering passion, commitment, and attention to detail, she has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to establish their unique identity. Her ability to seamlessly blend creativity, strategy, and effective communication sets her apart in the industry.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Alice Pettey, a visionary in the world of branding and graphic design, inspiring professionals to unlock the full potential of their practice through the power of branding.

Victoria – Please tell me a little about yourself and what kind of business you are involved in.

Alice – I’m a Certified brand strategist and do branding and design services for health and wellness practices.

Victoria – Wonderful! As a certified brand strategist, I’m sure you understand the importance of effective branding and design in the health and wellness industry. Could you share with me what motivated you to pursue this specific niche? What do you feel sets your branding and design services apart from others in the industry?

Alice – I chose to pursue this niche because I wanted to be in an area that would benefit the lives of the end client – or, in this case, patients. I recognize that branding and design services themselves cannot change a person’s world. Still, through the proper implementation of branding, I can help health and wellness practitioners connect with the individuals that need their services, and that can change the world of one person at a time. I like to say at Neurotic Dog Studios; we help people who help people.

Why do I feel we’re different from others in the industry? Well, as a parent who had a child with special needs and who has subsequently lost that child, I feel I understand the importance of getting the right message to the right people. I’ve seen and experienced the frustration that can occur when as a patient or the parent of one, you can’t find the answers and talk with many practitioners who have answers but don’t know how to reach those who need them. It’s an absolute travesty. Practitioners and patients are frustrated, and so many are slipping through the cracks of our system. Ultimately, I’d love to see my clients so fulfilled in their practices, both emotionally and financially, that they would have the capacity to take on cases that they would generally have to refuse for financial reasons.

Victoria –  Thank you for sharing your personal experience and the heartfelt motivation behind your work. Clearly, you have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by practitioners and patients in the health and wellness industry.

Now, let’s dive into your branding and design services. How do you approach creating effective branding strategies for your clients? Are there any techniques or principles you find particularly helpful in conveying the right message to their target audience?

Alice – It’s all about communication. I have to understand what motivates my client. What got them into the field, to begin with, and what do they love about what they do? This tells me a great deal about who they are and who they want to work with. Once you understand that, the rest becomes easy.

Victoria – Fantastic insight, Alice! Genuinely understanding the motivations and passions of your clients is a critical component in developing an effective branding strategy. By tapping into their core values and what they love about their work, you can tailor their branding to resonate with their target audience.

Now, let’s talk about the design aspect of your services. How would you describe your design style and ensure it effectively represents the essence of your client’s businesses? Do you have any specific design principles or processes that you follow?

Alice – I describe my style as a bit “corporate.” Clean and conservative. But that’s not saying I don’t love a challenge when clients want to go more vibrant or risky with their branding. It’s just ensuring that it matches the practice’s voice and will resonate with the audience they are trying to connect with. I’m always open to reaching out to other designers and bringing in those who have skills that lean differently from mine if that’s what is needed to create the perfect brand for a client.

Victoria – I appreciate your adaptability, Alice! Being able to cater to different design styles and preferences while still ensuring that it aligns with the practice’s voice and resonates with the target audience is a valuable skill. It’s great to hear that you are open to collaborating with other designers to create the perfect brand for your clients.

Regarding the branding process, could you walk me through the typical steps you take when working with a client? How do you ensure your clients are actively involved, and their vision is incorporated into the final branding design?

Alice – Active involvement is the only way a brand can be developed. When talking about a small health or wellness practice, the principal is the driving force behind the brand, and their personality plays a substantial part in developing the practices. So, we have weekly calls. Some questionnaires must be gone through – but I’ve learned that if you give them to the client, you won’t get the answers you need, so we do them on a call or over Zoom. Sometimes these descend into other areas, but that can be a good thing… it’s insight. The more you understand the person, their hopes, dreams, and wants for themselves and their practice, the better we can develop a brand around that and connect them with the people who need what they have to offer. I find that many times it’s simply a matter of getting out of our own way and finally seeing what’s really there when we’ve been stuck looking at a tree and missed the forest.

Victoria  – I couldn’t agree more, Alice! Active involvement and effective communication are essential in the branding process. By conducting weekly calls and going through carefully curated questionnaires in real-time discussions, you can dig deep into your client’s core values, hopes, dreams, and desires.

It’s fascinating how sometimes these discussions can go beyond the immediate scope of branding and provide valuable insights into the person and practice. This understanding allows you to develop a brand that truly represents its essence and connects them with the right audience.

Your analogy of seeing the forest instead of getting stuck looking at a single tree is spot on. Sometimes, we can get caught up in our perspectives, and simply taking a step back and gaining a broader view can reveal new possibilities and opportunities.

Thank you for sharing your process, Alice. It’s evident that your dedication to understanding your clients on a deeper level contributes greatly to the success of your branding and design services. Is there anything else you would like to share about your approach or any advice you would like to offer to aspiring branding and design professionals in the health and wellness industry?

Alice – You have to bring a passion to what you do. Branding isn’t a 9-5 job for you or your clients. You’ll find yourself thinking about how to solve a problem when you’re in the shower or see the perfect color application in the middle of a movie. It’s incredible how much of your life gets wrapped in the process.

Be open to your client’s ideas – you may hate them, you may love them, but think about them critically – do they serve the brand? They’ve come to you for expertise; you owe them nothing less than the devotion to their project that you would want to be given to your own.

Branding is a MAJOR commitment for most businesses, especially if you are looking at those on the smaller side. You want them to leave feeling that they were heard, that their concerns were addressed, and that you’ve given them value. I know this can be hard, as branding is one of those tricky things you can only control so much, but If you’ve given them an identity they can be proud of and a playbook for implementation, they should be on their way.

Ensure your deliverables are useful – not color standards with the wrong specs or guidelines that don’t tell you what font was the foundation for your logotype. And if you spec patterns, be sure to give them files with the patterns they can use. Sorry, nothing drives me crazier than clients that come to me having had branding done & the assets that they receive are so subpar it’s shameful.

Victoria – Thank you for your passionate insight, Alice! Your emphasis on bringing passion to your work is crucial in the world of branding and design. It’s true that the process often becomes a part of your everyday thoughts and experiences. Being open to your client’s ideas and critically evaluating them to ensure they serve the brand is vital to providing them with the expertise they seek.

You’ve highlighted the importance of commitment and dedication in branding, especially for smaller businesses. Listening to your clients, addressing their concerns, and providing them with value are at the core of building a successful brand. Delivering tangible and useful assets, such as accurate color standards, clear guidelines, and functional patterns, demonstrates the professionalism and care you bring to the table.

Your frustration with subpar branding assets is understandable. Delivering high-quality materials that your clients can proudly use to represent their businesses effectively is essential.

Thank you for sharing your expertise, Alice. Your passion and commitment to delivering exceptional branding and design services are truly inspiring. I’m sure your clients greatly benefit from your wisdom and attention to detail.

To learn more about Alice Pettey, her upcoming book ‘Branding Your Practice: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Strong Brand in Health Care’ and how Neurotic Dog Studios can help your health and wellness practice with its branding, visit the website, or call 804-464-3925 and schedule an appointment.