2 Fast & Free Ways of Reducing Image Size

One of the most challenging things about sending files with a lot of images over email is the increase in size that the embedded images add to the file.

ms word picture-compression panel used for reducing image size

There are a few ways that you can reduce the bloat.  If you are working inside of a Microsoft product, you can go to the “Picture Format” tab & select “Compress Pictures”.  To apply the change to all images, be sure to UNCHECK “Apply only to this picture.”  Set the PPI for the quality that you want & decide if you want the image cropped down to what you have viewable, then click OK.  When you have out your file the total size will be reduced to the new image quality size.

Not using Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher?  Or are you looking to upload an image to a website?  Then check out online compression services. One that I favor is TinyPNG.com.

tinypng - webpage

Here you can upload images from your desktop. The service then compresses them down to the smallest size with the best quality.  It’s free, unless you want to do large batches of files (20 or more). For those who use Photoshop they even offer a plug-in.

The web pages screenshot was 1.29 MB when I uploaded it to the service. The download file was 404 KB. A reduction of 70% and 956 KBs.

The quality of the reduced image is not visibly different from the original. The files size is just a lot smaller.

If Tinypng doesn’t work for you there are plenty of alternatives…

‘Till next time.


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