Transformation Distort Function

It is always an exciting time when the newest release of the Adobe Creative Cloud rolls out.  Some things are great.  Some things seem to just be broken. Then there are the chain reactions that occur with plug-ins and associated programs require updating because of a change or break in their functionality. This last roll out of the Creative Cloud was no different.

Personally, I’ve experienced everything from my font manager not working to not being unable to open any program file in the new or old version of the software.  Thankfully, these issues tend to be rectified with quickly released updates, or even the unhappy task of uninstalling, running a cleaner & reinstalling.

screenhunter 194 20181030

This time around, however, Adobe did something, well, for lack of a better word – stupid. They decided to reverse a fundamental shortcut/behavior inside of Photoshop. Historically, when using the distort transformation feature we have always just clicked the corner of the image/shape we were working with and drag each corner independently. As of CC2019 when you try to move a corner point independently, it just doesn’t work. Now the point wants to stay on either an x or y axis. To regain the original free form functionality of movement you must now hold down the SHIFT key.

Once you know what to do, you can go back to getting your work done. But boy was it a shock when you go to do an activity that you’ve done day in and day out for almost two decades to have it NOT work.  Don’t know who at Adobe thought this was a good idea … it wasn’t, Especially, as I sure don’t remember seeing a “hey heads up – we’re changing how this works” in any of the pre-release information. 

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