Are you frustrated trying to keep your PowerPoints properly branded?

Is it a constant battle to keep your colors and fonts consistent?

What about trying to pull in slides that other people have created that end up destroying your format?

I’ve put together a 12-page walk-through that will show you how to access the preexisting layouts in your PowerPoint presentation. How to import slides in a way that will allow you to either keep or replace their original formatting. How to bring in the theme from another slide deck or even to create your own.

If you’d like to read it online, just scroll down. To download a copy, fill out the form to the right.

How To Access Additional Slide Masters Within a Presentation?

For ANY slide you can.

  1. Click the slide in the deck navigation
  2. Locate the layout feature – this creates a flyout panel with all the available layouts
  3. Select the layout you want & it will be applied to the selected slide.

Select Layout from panel on the right.

Bring In Slides from ANOTHER Presentation Deck

  1. Right click slide in the deck navigation
  2. Locate & click option for REUSE slides. This opens a panel on the right side of PowerPoint.
  3. Recent PowerPoint will be shown, but if you don’t see the one you want there is a browse button & the top of the Reuse Slides panel & you can navigate to the one you want to use.

Select Layout from panel on the right.


Select Layout from panel on the right.

4. A new slide will be added BELOW the one you clicked on. The slide will be inserted with the background/ layout originally applied if you check the box to USE SOURCE FORMATTING.  (Below: I started with a blank PowerPoint & added all the slide using the “Reuse” feature.


Select Layout from panel on the right.


Select Layout from panel on the right.

Set Your PowerPoint Presentation’s Theme

  1. Click on the DESIGN tab.
  2. In the first section of the ribbon – Themes click the down link.
nds d21 0100

Click DESIGN Tab


Click the down arrow.

nds d21 0101

Browse for Themes will let you pull in the them from another presentation.


Choose a theme.

3. Choose a theme or…
4. Select the “Browse for Theme” option. This option allows you to use the theme from any slide deck that you have access to.
5. Theme VARIANTS can be found to the right of the THEME.
6. There may also be a drop down to show additional options.


Look in the Variants section.


Click the down arrow.

If there are no themes that will work for your project you can always create your own.

Coming Next:

Look for our PowerPoint Woe’s part 2 – an in-depth walk-through for creating your own presentation theme – in our next post. Just can’t wait? Complete the form at the top of this page & and download the full 12-page How To today!