Do you know how to create your own QR Code(s)?

There are a LOT of places on-line that will let you create a “free” QR code, but you must be cautious when using them. I’ve come across quite a few that offer a Free-Trial for their online service.

These pay site often create a “dynamic” QR code for you, which is great – you can change the content of the code & don’t have to worry about locating all of the locations where you have posted the old code & updating them with the new one. These services come with a price tag. You’ll have to make the decision on if the charge is worth the ability to change the information that the code contains.

Dynamic QR codes also allow for additional features like:

    • scan analytics
    • password protection
    • device-based redirection, and
    • access management

Just be sure to check what you are getting for the money because not all QR services are the same. And if you have a dynamic QR code with a service, it can “expire,” causing it to no longer work. Other limitations to you may find with QR code sites:

    • limited to the number of QR codes you can create
    • having the company logo in your code
    • ad’s attached
    • limited API requests
    • resolution limitations

If you are looking to create a non-dynamic code, you can find online services that are actually free! These are my preferences as, well – I’m cheap.  I also like to be the one in control of the QR code once it’s created. Most of the reasons I create a QR code are either for static assets or for webpages, where the content may change, but the link won’t.

You can make a static QR “dynamic” by using a short-code service that will allow you to go in & update the destinations after creation. This won’t give you all of the services of an actual dynamic code, but it will allow it to have a longer lifespan if you are in a situation where the destination may be changed after its creation.

Some examples may be:

    • landing page URL may be updated
    • using one code for “events” and then updating QR shortcode destination as each event goes current
    • contact information page

Here are some QR Code Generator websites:

* my favorites

Now, if you happen to have Adobe InDesign… you don’t have to go hunting for a static QR Code generator – you already have one!  Look in InDesign, under Object & you’ll find “Generate QR Code.” It’s a quick and easy way to add a QR code to your documents.

I hope that you find this information as helpful as I have. If there is anything you’d like me to explore, send a request through & I’ll be in touch.

Until next time!


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