How to Access Hidden Objects Using Microsoft Word’s Selection Pane

Have you ever inserted an image into a Microsoft Word document and then having pushed it behind other elements are unable to access it without having to undo everything else you’ve done? 

Well, I have. It’s one of the reasons I absolutely hate laying out any kind of document inside of Word. It’s great for writing, but it’s just not a professional-level layout program and it’s not meant to be. But, this little feature can remove a lot of frustration.

When you have a Word Document open… Look for the LAYOUT tab along the top ribbon. Once you click it. Look over to the right & you’ll see this panel.

arrangement panel within the layout ribbon

Click on the Selection Pane.  This will now open on the right side of your screen.  When you look at this Selection Pan, you will see that it has very generic labels.

selection pane as initially seen upon opening.

You can double click the names & give them more descriptive labels which will make it much easier for you to identify and access any of the images or text boxes you may have inside of your document.

selection pane with descriptive labels.

Hope that you find this tip as useful as I have.

Until next time!

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